About Us

Who are we?

A youth student association that promote the Palestinian youth and student field in Malaysia and provide them with the assistance they need in order to increase their efficiency to serve the Palestinian cause within the environment they live in. Also, the association seeks to build bridges of cooperation, integration and interconnection with the Malaysian people.

Our Vision

Establishing a pioneer organization that represents Palestinian youths and students in Malaysia to promote them an organize their works for wardriving palestinian issue​

Our Mission​

To support and develop the skills of the Palestinian youth and students in Malaysia and to enable them academically, developmentally and culturally in cooperation with the Malaysian and international youth institutions to gain the necessary expertise to serve the Palestinian issue.​

Our Values​


Our Strategic Goals ​

• Provide the necessary help through material and moral support to the Palestinian youth and students in Malaysia.
• Rehabilitation of the Palestinian youth and students and to empower them academically, developmentally and culturally.
• Spreading out the culture of awareness of the Palestinian cause among youth and students.
• Enhancing the spirit of interdependence and cooperation between the Palestinian and Malaysian youth and Arab and Islamic nationalities.​